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Research Scientists Panic Over Funding - Lesson #49 E-mail

Research Scientists Panic Over Funding

As we enter a New Era of Medical Science Breakthroughs!

Glycoscience Lesson #49

by JC Spencer

After the UK and US voting results, scientists are fearful of losing research funding. Most scientific funding in the UK comes through the EU.

In the last hours of 2016, Scientific American’s Dana Hunter blogged, "Our scientific endeavors are under severe threat... Science is going to need our help to survive this regime. We used to be the scientific leaders of the world. If we want to stay in the forefront of scientific advances, we will need to resist Trump and his merry band of anti-science lackeys at every turn."

Psychotropic Drugs Treating ADHD is a Domestic Enemy - Lesson #48 E-mail

Psychotropic Drugs Treating ADHD is a Domestic Enemy

A National Disaster of Dangerous Proportions that Damages our Young

Glycoscience Lesson #48

by JC Spencer

An American Veteran’s national campaign against psychotropic drugs was forming in 2003. I was asked to design the campaign with Four-Star Marine General Raymond Davis. The declared domestic enemy was damaging the minds, emotions, and behavior of our children.

My good friend Jim Cabaniss, founder of American Veterans In Domestic Defense (AVIDD), introduced me to General Davis. We were excited about his eagerness to champion the cause. He would help save many children by leading the fight and recruiting an all volunteer army of veterans.

Our PR campaign would use various action phrases such as: Join General Raymond Davis in his final battle to save America’s Children. “Ray” Davis was our most decorated hero. His other battles were in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam Conflict. His commanding officers were Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Bush, Kennedy, and Reagan.

Do Statin Drugs Cause Neurological Disasters? - Lesson #47 E-mail

Do Statin Drugs Cause Neurological Disasters?

Is there an Antidote for Statin Damage?

Glycoscience Lesson #47

by JC Spencer

A neuron storm of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, Huntington’s and other neurological complexities is sweeping the country. Is this neuron storm the effect of statin drugs?

32 Million on Statin Drugs - Going for 64 Million Some 32 million Americans pop statin drugs like expensive candy. Statins work in the liver to reduce the production of cholesterol. The question we must ask is, "AT WHAT COST?"

Evidence sustains what we believed for a long time; that statin drugs

Did We Just Learn HOW to Amplify Cell Signals? E-mail

Glycoscience Lesson #46 Follow up
by JC Spencer

Readers responded to my Lesson on Trehalose and TB with statements like, "Huh?". "What did you just say?" and "He talks to me as if I understand what he’s saying."

Okay, okay, this is my attempt to make it so clear that my wife won’t say, "That made my brain hurt."

Glycoscience is so much fun that I get carried away at times into the world of sugars that is located in cellular galactic inner space. This fantastic voyage took me to the red planet (red blood cell) and there I began to explore the forests of glycoforms including glycans and glycoproteins.

Trehalose May Become the Sugar used to Diagnose and Resolve Tuberculosis (TB) - lesson #46 E-mail

Trehalose May Become the Sugar used to Diagnose and Resolve Tuberculosis (TB)

New evidence reveals sugar signals increase cytokine production as macrophage receptor mincle (glycoprotein) binds to Trehalose.

Glycoscience Lesson #46
by JC Spencer

Massive Glycoscience research is ongoing internationally and today’s Report is extremely important and can impact the health of children in developing nations.

A collaborative international Trehalose research paper was published August 23, 2016. This study is from the US, UK, and Denmark.

The structure of an extended portion of the extracellular domain of mincle (glycoprotein), beyond the minimal C-type carbohydrate-recognition domain, also constrains the way that the binding domains may interact on the surface of macrophages.

Here is the Abstract and there is a link to the full research paper.

4 Short & Important Announcements: E-mail

Houston, Texas - August 13, 2016 –

Announcement #1

The REVISED 2016 edition of the Glycoscience Whitepaper is off the press and is available for purchase in single and multipe quantities. You can view the new version at http://GlycoscienceWhitepaper.com. It is also available for download.

Announcement #2

The first Glycoscience Orientation Classes start soon and we will keep you posted as the GlycoScience Institute opens its door to doctors, healthcare professionals and those interested in Glycoscience - the World of Sugars.

Announcement #3

Name change on pH Fusion Tea E-mail

We are making a NAME CHANGE: pH Fusion Tea is RENAMED - pH Fusion Balance.

Should you have missed the latest reports, click on some of the Lessons that are still available on our Home Page at http://endowmentmed.org

Any question, simply email jcs@endowmentmed.org

or call our office at 281-587-2020.

Explosive Results of pH Fusion Tea - Lesson #45 - Part 2 of 2 E-mail

Glycoscience Lesson #45 - Part 2 of 2

by JC Spencer

What a wonderful world it would be IF we were able to buffer the pH level to ~7.3, open and shut the sodium ion gates in the cell membrane, and inject nano-size multi-trace minerals through the ion gates to stoke the mitochondria. That would have profound effects on all body chemistry, health, and the immune system, should we be able to accomplish that.

An acid state can lower body pH below 6.4 where enzymes do not function properly and the digestive system malfunctions. Acid decreases the ability to repair damaged cells and illness is inevitable. Low pH results in oxidation instead of oxygenation — rust instead of regenerate. Lack of oxygen causes glucose fermentation to lactic acid which compounds illness and addiction.

The acid environment requires the body to compensate by using alkaline minerals supplemented in the diet or they will be leached from bone. Osteoporosis and other diseases become the natural course of events which manifest as pain, arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or worse.

Cancer needs an acid / low oxygen environment to survive and flourish.

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